E-Mail Spam Filtering

E-Mail Spam FilteringTeryx, Inc has been offering a spam filter to our customers for over 2 years. This product allows Teryx to provide a solution which would seamlessly integrate with your current email service. Teryx currently has over 300 client mailboxes being filtered. In a typical week alone 225,355 (or 92.7%) out of 243,231 total inbound messages were problem emails that required filtering.

How does it work?

E-mail being sent inbound would first hit the spam filtering servers and then would get scrubbed and forward to your email boxes. Best of all the process is completely transparent to the end user. In most cases the email is filtered and deleted when the system is 100% sure it is spam. But, once a day (or more if you prefer) each user will receive a “Digest Report” which will list out all of the emails that the filter considered spam but was not 100% sure. This report gives each user the ability to fine-tune the filtering system to meet their needs. We will note that while the first few weeks will take a little work from the end-user in watching the digest reports in order to catch “False-Positives” and release any email that was caught up accidentally, in the end it is worth it!

Like it?

In order to get the process implemented, Teryx would simply need a list of every email address and alias in your company. Not every user has an alias, but some may have one or more than one. You should be able to get this information from your current e-mail hosting provider without a problem.

It Pays for Itself!

Teryx, Inc. knows that times are tough and money is tight. We also believe that the time saved and the efficiencies gained would be well worth less than $2 per month - per user. We cannot imagine how much time and money is wasted for someone who receives over 150 spam messages a day.

If you would like to get this solution implemented, we can move forward with a trial period of 30-days. Contact us at Support@TeryxInc.com