Web & Email Services

E-Mail and Web Page ServicesAlthough it is recommended that most companies host their own e-mail and web pages, Teryx, Inc. provides an inexpensive alternative. Should a client prefer to have a simple website and POP e-mail provided off site, Teryx can assist by providing a fully functional solution.

Teryx will help you or your organization with registering a domain name, finding a web designer and publishing your basic website on one of our servers. We can also point your domain name to a POP mail server which will allow you to send and receive e-mail from a computer, simple web interface or even a mobile device. In addition to providing web and e-mail services, Teryx, Inc. has teamed up with GFI to provide e-mail filtering. Even if your company does not use Teryx for its web or e-mail hosting, we can still help filter out all of that annoying and often offensive spam.