IT Technical Support

Teryx, Inc. provides a large selection of services for all of your organization's technology needs. Teryx offers services that are considered "firewall back," including Server and Exchange Management. Many of our services can be combined to create a consistent, unified technology plan that fits within any organization's budget. Teryx knows that even though an organization does not have full-time IT staff, they still deserve to have the best technology infrastructure possible.

Teryx Support

"Teryx Support" is the core technology service we provide to our customers. We have been providing network administration and desktop support for over 13 years. "Teryx support" offers your organization the professionalism, quick response, experience and knowledge of a full IT staff at a fraction of the cost. Whether we provide consulting services on an as-needed hourly basis or place an on-site technician multiple days a week, we can help your organization achieve the sophisticated technology infrastructure it deserves.

Teryx, Inc. offers a very competitive Service Level Agreement (SLA). We provide immediate response to all support requests. Once a request has been documented, Teryx will schedule a time that works with our client's schedule for a network engineer to assist. We provide a 24 hour response to non-emergencies and 2 hour emergency response time. Additionally, a lot of technical issues can be handled immediately via a remote support session. In many cases a Teryx network engineer can log into the affected system remotely and solve the problem with the employee via the phone/internet providing your organization with instant solutions at a huge cost saving.

More about Teryx Support

Teryx strives to provide all businesses with solutions that fit their budgets and needs as well as offer alternative cost-effective ideas for all requirements. The technical needs of each business vary and Teryx understands this, it is why we have built a fluid structure that allows the business to tell us what they need and want. To find out what business solutions are best for you call us in for a Free Network Assessment.