Office Cabling

Data CablingRelocating offices often requires a new physical IT infrastructure. Teryx offers a solution for your organization which will provide industry standard data/voice cabling to create the essential structural backbone for every network.

Teryx adheres to all demands required by building managers to insure that the job is completed to code. We also go the extra step to ensure that all communications with the building managers, construction crews and clients are managed in an appropriate manner.

Teryx provides all of the following services in a standard installation:

  • Site survey with a client to understand the vision and layout of the new office
  • Scheduling and coordination with building management, construction crews and client
  • Installation of data/voice cabling to code
    • Cabling
    • Jacks
    • Face plates
    • Patch panels
    • Labeling
    • Testing
  • Walk through with client, building management or fire inspectors – If required

If your company is going to require new data/voice cabling, call us for a free walk through and estimate. Contact a Teryx representative and we can help you create a scope of work that fits within your time and budgetary constraints.