Office Setup & Relocation

Office Setup and RelocationAt Teryx we realize that relocating or opening an office can be a daunting task. Teryx offers our clients an efficient and thorough solution to handle all of the technical issues throughout the process. Starting with our Research and Acquisitions services, we are able to communicate with current service providers as well as their competition to make sure our clients are getting the best services available. We are then able to coordinate with all of the necessary service providers to ensure a smooth transition from one location to another.

The relocation or opening process for an office is an opportune time to have a complete Network Assessment done on the technology infrastructure. Teryx will find any inefficiencies and cost saving options that can be done during the transition to reduce downtime while helping your company stay on the leading edge.

Choosing Teryx, Inc. as your setup and relocation solution means letting us take care of:

  • Comparing the pricing of services (phone, internet, web services, email) that are available at the new office
  • Coordinating with the service providers to make the installation and transition seamless
  • Installing data/voice cabling for the new office (if required)
  • Moving hardware to the new location
  • Ensuring that the old office is shut down correctly and that the new location is set up and running smoothly

If your company is thinking of relocating or setting up a new office, call us for a free estimate. Even if the decision is a few months out, it is best to begin creating the technology plan early to avoid disruptions in services or costly contract modifications.