Off-Site Backup

As individual work load has increased and the demand on computers has increased, so has the amount of critical data an organization has to maintain and protect. Tape and other antiquated back-up solutions have become too difficult or expensive to maintain. Any number of failures can occur when trying to maintain an organization's data back-ups. Tapes do not get changed, hardware fails, the media is not brought offsite on a consistent basis.....all of which can create a breach in the security of critical data.

Teryx, Inc. offers an offsite File Transfer Protocol (FTP) data backup solution for organizations. Utilizing the untapped internet bandwidth late at night, Teryx can securely transmit your data to an offsite location via FTP. The software Teryx uses to transmit the data can be set up to encrypt sensitive material as well as issue success/failure notices to our staff. This gives both your organization and Teryx the confirmation and confidence that your data is secure from any unforeseen catastrophe.