Research and Acquisition

Teryx understands that planning upgrades in technological infrastructure is important, which is why we offer our services in researching and acquiring the best options for keeping our clients current. Whether it be specking out a new computer or finding the most cost effective internet service provider, we are able to assist our clients in creating the best solution available.

Purchasing New Equipment

Teryx’s clients span across different industries and have a broad range of expertise. Even if they have a good understanding of hardware, they often lack time to or aren’t interested in making their own equipment purchases. Teryx will research, spec, quote, order, track, and receive equipment purchases so that our clients and their employees can focus on their work and expertise.

Comparing Service Providers

In the 1990s, deregulation of telecommunications as well as the surge of new technological services gave the average company dozens of new service providers to choose between. Although the increase in competition has lowered prices and increased functionality, it also created increased confusion for the client.

When hiring Teryx to compare services, our clients know they will be given a few of the best options and enough information to allow them to make an informed decision. Once a client has made a selection, a Teryx consultant will take all the steps required to ensure a simple and transparent transition to the new provider. From being the main contact between sales and customer service, to engaging with technicians, your Teryx consultant will handle the process so you don’t have to.

Whether you are relocating and setting up a new office or just trying to reduce your overhead, contact Teryx today for a free evaluation of your technology services.