Residential Rates

At Teryx, it is our focus to provide the best and most convenient services at the greatest value to all of our customers. Therefore, we offer our residential clients options that will best meet their needs.

Basic Computer Services Rates*:

Drop-Off: $69/hr.
Remote: $89/hr.
On-Site/In-Home: $109/hr.

*Rates do NOT include additional hardware or software costs. Hardware and software will be recommended on an as-needed basis and will be quoted before purchase or installation.

Drop-Off: In situations where you may not have internet connectivity or your computer will not start, you can drop it off at our office in downtown Golden. For a map to our location, click here.

Remote: Teryx uses industry leading software to allow you to securely connect to one of our technicians via an internet session. During the session, you will be able to see everything our technician is doing while also being able to communicate via a real-time chat.

On-Site/In-Home: A Teryx technician will come to your home at a time that is convenient for you.

Disaster Recovery Rates:

Due to the nature of some disasters, Teryx is unable to offer a flat recovery rate. Teryx does offer a free assessment of your issue and we are often able to make a determination of its severity while you wait. Once a Teryx technician has determined the cause of the situation, we can provide a more accurate cost estimate.