Server and Exchange Management

Server and Exchange ManagementThe server infrastructure is the backbone of every network. Whether an organization has two employees or two hundred, Teryx knows that server functionality is critical. As part of the Teryx Best Practices, the servers are the cornerstone to making our client sites run efficiently and securely.

Domain Controllers and File Servers

Due to Microsoft’s superior networking functionality, Teryx offers expertise in Windows environments. It is always our recommendation that our clients install a Windows server to manage the critical functions of the network. Servers provide centralized security standards, file storage and sharing, simplified printing, and a multitude of benefits for even the smallest organization.

Exchange and Small Business Servers

Currently about 95% of Teryx clients have Exchange or Small Business Server (which includes Exchange) running locally on their networks. With a Small Business Server running Exchange, our clients not only enjoy the security, file sharing, and other benefits of a domain controller, but also get to take advantage of the features of Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange is a database program that allows for the full integration of Outlook throughout the company. It provides a centralized collaboration structure for email, calendars, tasks, contacts, and public folders.

Not only does Exchange make it easy for employees to stay connected while in the office, it also provides full integration with SmartPhones and iPhones. Employees are also able to stay in communication using their home computers, laptops, or even public access computers utilizing the Outlook Web Access features via any internet browser. Employees can now be connected and have full access to their Outlook data from anywhere at any time in real time.

By utilizing servers to create centralized security and storage of company data, Teryx is able to provide a seamless solution to manage the network, back up critical data, control email flow, integrate VoIP communications, and avert disasters.