Become a Teryx, Inc. Agent

Teryx, Inc. is a Colorado based technology consulting company with over 13 years of experience. Our focus has been in assisting small to mid-sized organizations with their technology infrastructure – providing technology solutions that help businesses evolve. With our history we are able to take that experience and apply it to our everyday business practices, making it easier to get a sale, find new clients, and differentiate Teryx from the masses of independent IT contractors.

Here at Teryx, we know how difficult it is to wear every hat in a small company. One minute you are a sales person, the next a server tech, the next you are creating quotes, the next you are a bookkeeper. We want to create a situation for the individual entrepreneur to focus on what they are good at while leaving the rest to a group that has their best interest in mind.

What Teryx, Inc. would provide:

  • The Teryx Name. Become an agent and stand as a member of a larger organization with a history of success.
  • The Teryx Team. Utilize and contribute to a team of established agents. The Teryx team creates a much broader base of experience and expertise for all to draw from.
  • Professionalism. An office space which provides a legitimate business image. Services offered include mail delivery; 24/7 on-call reception; marketing materials; email utilizing Exchange for agent collaboration and client communication; and if ever needed, a desk to work from.
  • Insurance. Teryx provides business insurance, allowing agents to create client relationships who require such.
  • Administrative Functions. Teryx can offer bookkeeping, invoicing, quotes, collections and other administrative services ensuring that an agent is getting paid for every billable minute.
  • Peace of Mind. Having a team of other agents that can cover your clients in the case of illness or family time like vacations.
  • Protection. Teryx will provide the ability for agents to grow as well as protect an agent’s client list from other agents.
  • Partners. Good relationships with vendors allowing us to get better volume discounts and volume licensing.
  • Financial Freedom. The ability to purchase equipment on behalf of the agent/client with the standard Teryx markup and no out-of-pocket from the agent.
  • Growth. The ability for an agent to grow their personal business at their rate without interference from Teryx.
  • Encouragement. If an agent becomes resoundingly successful and wants to strike out on their own, Teryx will allow them to take the client list they have personally built. If they own the client, they keep the client.

What Teryx, Inc. would require:

  • A non-compete agreement barring any agent from taking control of any Teryx or other agent’s client.
  • Agents are not allowed to have a “side-business” of past/current clients that would compete with existing services provided by Teryx.
  • Teryx takes no responsibility for an agent that is not able to make their personal business successful. Our philosophy is: You make yourself as successful as you want to be.
  • The ability to keep a client as Teryx’s own if an agent leaves the consulting industry all-together.
  • Every agent is responsible for building their own business and client list. Teryx will assist in sales, marketing and administration but is not responsible for providing billable hours.

Teryx has a core set of people who endeavor to persevere and who want to control their own destiny. We are now looking for like-minded individuals. Are you such a person? If so, we look forward to hearing from you.