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"Teryx responds to our IT needs quickly and efficiently. We have multiple facilities--some networked, others not--which adds a significant degree of difficulty. Teryx always comes through and maintains the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. They strike the perfect balance between keeping our systems in optimum condition and assisting our staff, even those with less-than-stellar computer skills. Teryx is first-class in IT support!"

- Sharon - Apr 27, 2011

"IT Consulting Services I have had the great pleasure of working with [Teryx] and his staff over the last 3 years. All experiences have been incredible. Every task has been delightful and educational. Everyone in the Teryx, Inc office is professional and knowledgeable. Having decades of experience at the tip of my finger is great - the efficient and cost-effective solutions they provide is wonderful. I have always felt like I get more than I asked for when working with this company. A multitude of projects under a multitude of situations have been worked with [Teryx] and never once has there been an issue. Teryx IT consulting has been a pleasure to work with and is a great pleasure to recommend."

- Jessica - Mar 25, 2009

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"I've worked with [Teryx], and Teryx, on numerous occasions, over ten years. He's talented, reliable, and honest. A practical problem solver, [Teryx] is as good as they come in his areas of expertise. He delivers on his promises, and consistently exceeds expectations. I am honored to highly recommend this remarkable professional."

- Rich Kylberg, Client - February 9, 2012

“[Teryx] : I call him "the man" because he can fix any computer issue our agency is able of producing. He is like "The Fonz", one touch of his nimble fingers and the computer is back in service. He is fast, reliable and exceedingly knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction. I recommend his services without hesitation.”

– Rana Offutt, Client - October 28, 2011

“[Teryx] is exceptional at providing a wide array of IT services to a variety of clients. He is up front and honest about what it will take to get a job done and is always an advocate for the client. He knows a lot about a broad set of technologies - but is also conscious about his technical limitations. He is not afraid to reach out to a wide network of companies and individuals to find the appropriate experts to solve client problems. [Teryx] is without question one of the most dedicated and committed service providers I know. Leveraging his services is a recommendation I make without hesitation.”

– Josh Nelson, Consultant, Teryx - June 10, 2011

“I have had the pleasure to work with [Teryx] on several projects. With an outstanding customer service focus, he understands his clients needs and works diligently to exceed their expectations. Teryx, Inc has a strong reputation in Colorado and that is based on the personal commitment [Teryx] made many years ago to provide exceptional service.”

- Beth Campbell, Senior Recruiter, Spherion / SourceRightSolutions - April 28, 2011

“Gunther Douglas has contracted [Teryx] for several years for IT technical support services. I hold [Teryx] in high regard personally and professionally. So much so that when we had a critical and highly visible client need, I hired [Teryx] due to his exceptional technical skills, but also for his work ethic and integrity. He is unique in that he also brings strong client-facing skills combined with the technical. I would happily recommend [Teryx] to any company!”   Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

- Lauren Ford – April 28, 2011

“Denver Eclectics has always experienced competent service and we have highly recommend [Teryx] to others. He shows true integrity in his ability to find solutions for complicated issues and we are so thankful for all of his hard work through the years.”   Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

- Jessica Jones - April 27, 2011

“[Teryx] gave me a fantastic opportunity to work with [Teryx]. He was a great manager to work with. He was always fair, friendly and helpful. There were times that I would call him for advice while dealing with client and technical issues and he was always available and invaluable in steering me in the right direction. It was because of his influence, training and trust that I learned so many new skills and grew as an IT professional.”

- Michael Hollis, Network engineer, RkM Technologies - October 14, 2010