Training & Seminars

“Technology” has become such a vague and ubiquitous word in today’s lexicon. There are processors in toasters and computers in cars. The media is constantly selling the latest and greatest new gadget or service to make your life go faster. Preschool kids are bringing tablets to class and families are communicating halfway around the world on video calls. How does the common person keep up with it all?

Teryx has developed a seminar that focuses on basic users and allows for full interaction between speaker and audience. Each seminar is customized to fit the audience, and speakers will use only common language* that participants can understand.

Here are some common themes Teryx can customize for your group, club, or organization:

  • History: What is the recent history of personal computers? How did it start? What is Moore's law?
  • Computer Hardware and Software: What is the difference? What is all this equipment sitting on the desk? What is the "stuff" inside a computer and how does it work? What is an operating system? What are applications?
  • The Internet and Email: How does an email get sent? How does the internet work? Is it secure? What is broadband? What is a search engine? What is bandwidth and how much will provide a "fast" connection?
  • Mobile Devices: What is 3G/4G? What should a user look for in a SmartPhone? What is the difference between an iPhone, an Android, and a Microsoft phone? What's the difference between carriers?
  • Home Electronics: What is HDTV? What is Blu-ray? How do all the components hook together? What TV services are out there? What is service bundling?
  • Sharing with the Family: What is a social networking site? Is it safe? How do I join? How do I share pictures with my family? What is Skype/video conferencing?
  • The Future: Where is technology going? What is cloud computing? What should we expect in the next 5 years? How will my current technology age?

*NO techno-jargon allowed!